Once you have decided that you would like to begin a blog for your business, the first step to blogging success is to choose the hosting site that you will use to publish your blog. A blog hosting website provides your blog’s URL (https://allenmutum.com/,) allows you to choose a theme for your webpage, and ultimately becomes the interface through which you will publish the content of your business blog day in and day out. There are many blog-hosting sites, however, we will only cover a few of the “big brands” of blogging, focusing on those that are easy to use, free of charge, and most popular within the blogging world.

Blogger is a blog-hosting interface owned by Google. This publishing
service has been around for practically as long as the internet, and because of its longevity and the power of its parent company, it is one of
the most used and trusted hosting sites around. Blogger provides blog
interfaces that are simple to set up, customize, and to use, and also makes monetization (earning money through ads placed on your blog) simple through the use of Google AdSense. Google has been actively working to improve search engine optimization (SEO) of Blogger-run blogs and is growing the list of themes and plugins available to its bloggers fairly consistently.

Although one of the more complex publishing sites, WordPress is praised
by its users for being versatile, easy to customize, and excellent in the area of search engine optimization. It is commonly believed that WordPress requires a little more study and skill to master, especially considering that a great deal of the customization capabilities requires users to tinker with HTML code. Like Blogger, WordPress has longevity on its side, being just a little over a decade old. Choosing a WordPress blog may mean committing to a bit more time for learning and reviewing tutorials – definitely something to take into consideration if you’re new to blogging altogether.

Tumblr is a fairly new blog interface that was acquired by Yahoo!.
The site is a “micro-blogging” platform, meaning users focus on
short, concise posts made up of video, short copy, infographics, images,
pictures and other forms of media. Users within the Tumblr community are very reciprocal — commenting, connecting, and linking back to posts of other bloggers often. Bloggers who maintain a Tumblr blog should be
comfortable talking and engaging with their customers, posting visual
content and sharing quick updates multiple times per day.

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