Customer engagement is a critical component in building a strong customer base. 3 ways to increase your customer engagement include clustering, content, and copy. Let’s have a detailed look at each.


Anytime you can add a dose of reality to the online shopping experience, it is desirable. What I mean by this is being able to create the same type of experience that your customer would get from being in your store.

When you cluster products together that you might not necessarily find sitting together in a store or website navigation it is a method you can use to add a human feel to your website merchandising. A reminder, you must never forget about cross-selling. You want to encourage people to see wholes rather than pieces. For example, with clothing you want your customer to see an outfit rather than an individual piece.


We find that commerce and content tend to collide. What we are talking about is the content that is in addition to the descriptions that describe your products or services. Your content marketing should be related to your products/services and is often referred to as lifestyle content.
For example, food providers often will offer recipes, clothing merchants will often provide tips on various ways to wear different pieces of clothing, tech merchants will often provide information on website design or content, etc. You get the picture. You are going to first do an excellent job of describing your products/services for sale and then you are also going to provide value-added content that your customers will want to read.
This will need to be updated regularly to keep it fresh and have your customers returning. Remember, your content can be used to provide information on how to make the best use out of your product(s) and thus help to increase sales.


When it comes to selling your products or services, you should always be selling the benefits, not the features of the products. Make sure to include SEO benefits and to keep it light and add some fun if it is appropriate, which it won’t always be.
It is important to know your audience and provide a copy that works for them. The better you know your audience the better you will be at doing a great job of this and you’ll be rewarded by repeat customers to your site and an increase in repeat sales.

Put these 3 practices into play sooner rather than later!

Published by Allen Mutum

Always a work in progress. I come up with 8 years of experience in the field of Sales, Business Development and Marketing, helping companies of all sizes to secure the most value out of their Software Investment.

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