One of the best book I have read about India’s retail industry and how Kishore Biyani’s vision made his organization successful. The majority of population in India belongs to middle class and whenever they go for a shopping in a mall it is like a family outing where the family members also dress up as an occasion and their buying habit is totally different from other parts of the world. Kishore ji talks about how every minute details he captured by observing how a customer buys from his retails stores.

This Book is recommendable for everyone who is Business whether small, mid or large. This book brings forward what is important not just for content, but for business. It gives numerous case studies on the challenges companies were facing and the way those companies either did or did not solve those challenges by truly understanding connections.

This is the book I believe every entrepreneur or professional should read.  It observes how speed and uncertainty are the new stability in the era of new emerging technologies and that those who act on that and accept it can scale their business in a faster, efficient and promising way. Good read, and amazing case studies and tips on how to implement it in your own profession or business.

Ann Handley speaks and writes about how you can rethink the way your business markets. Pretty good, some useful suggestions ranging from quite abstract to very practical stuff. Suggestions on practicing and overcoming mental blocks, as well as very specific examples of good and bad phrasing & grammar. A good book, but be prepared to put the work in and practice to see results.

The book is written by David Meerman Scott who is the author of ten books including real-time marketing and PR, the new rules of sales and service and news jacking. David’s popular blog, advisory work with fast-growing companies and speaking engagements around the world give him a singular perspective on how businesses are implementing new strategies to reach buyers directly and in real time.

“In Fanatical Prospecting, you’ll learn exactly what you need to do right now to open more sales conversations, fill your pipeline, and put a lot more money in your pocket. Jeb’s honest, real-world approach is a refreshing and much needed wake-up call for today’s salespeople and sales leaders.”

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