Finding the Right Prospects for your Business

Finding the right prospects for your business and then nurturing them into leads are the building blocks of a sales cycle. First of all, we need to understand.

What is a prospect?

Prospect is someone who has an interest in your business and your products. Prospect is someone who has a need, interest in what you have to offer.

We need to first understand who are our target audience before even start prospecting. What is that our solutions provide that add values to the prospect. We should be very convinced of our solutions or products that will benefit the prospect.

There are various ways of finding the right prospects for your business.

  • Referrals from your existing customer: Salespeople use this tactic to get the maximum sale. Existing customers will most likely refer you to others who are also in need of your product or services.
  • Social Media Platforms: Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter offer a great way to connect and network with your prospect. It is also a great platform to start creating and nurturing relationships through engaging in conversations, sharing relevant content, and generally getting to know the people who are keen followers of your brand.
  • Networking Events and trade Shows: When participating in trade shows & networking events, Mingle! Engage with people face-to-face, tell them about yourself, your business, and your product and ask about them. Exchange contact details, add them to your database, and keep in touch.
  • Cold Calling & Email: This is one of the old school and the most effective way to find new prospects for your business. Be consistent on these two approaches, you may get a lot of rejection with these methods however I can promise that it will give you the best result if you are consistent.

Prospecting is the art of opening new relationships.

Connecting with Prospects without harassing them

It’s not necessary that every prospect we met was ready to buy. Most of the sales cycle takes a longer time than we would like. This requires salespeople to have patience, be persistent, however most importantly to stay in the mind of potential buyers. If you are wondering how to stay in touch with your prospect without harassing them, here is what I recommend.

Ways to keep in touch without harassing your prospect:

Clients are like plants, you have to keep watering if you want them to grow. This means you need to have a good relationship based on strong communications. Getting a bit personal with your client is no harm, you can throw in a little ‘intelligence’ about each client, i.e. listing what they like and something about their personal life.

Send them regular newsletters, informing about your work, press releases, a blog post which they may find interesting, latest updates on the industry there are into. It’s also a great way to keep communication.

Make use of Social Media such as LinkedInTwitter to stay connected with your prospect. Once you have made the initial connection with your prospect, search them whether they are active on these Social Media channels. Invite or follow them to connect with you and you will a fair idea on what kind of articles, blogs & content they consume which is also useful to build strong communications.

Nothing beats having voice communication with your prospect, make it a practice to call your prospect on their special occasions like to wish them or on Christmas & New Years Holidays.

Believe your instincts or gut feeling, for example, If you haven’t spoken to a client for some time and you get that gut feeling they might be thinking about you, pick up the phone and call them.

How to build rapport with your Potential Prospects

In today’s world we hear a lot of buzz that AI, Machine Learning are transforming even in sales functions to stay ahead of the game. However one thing which will always remain is which go with an old saying “People will buy from People they like”. How to build rapport with your potential prospects

As a salesperson one should always understand no one is going to give you the order right away when you meet, speak with your prospect for the very first time. Its as simple as you cannot ask to marry someone on your first date.

In sales, building a rapport with your prospect is very important, as it inadvertently helps both the prospect and the sales rep to sort everything out. We need to have that strong relationship as it enables you to be at a level above the others as it helps in smooth communication because it allows people to be at ease.

Below are some tips to build rapport in sales:

  • As a salesperson you have to be genuine as in simple terms “Be Yourself”. Don’t try to be anything that you are not. Relax, Smile and go with a positive attitude, good things will follow.
  • Develop you listening skills, in order to build a great rapport with your prospect its important to listen what your prospect speaks because it will make easy for you to understand. Always listen to understand and to reply back to your prospects.
  • Use the prospect’s name in your sales conversation as has its own effect as they find you a bit more friendly and approachable. To have a great bond with your prospect, try using their name as it can have a great impact.
  • Be warm & friendly, approach rapport building with the intend be warm and friendly.

Best Way to Manage your Sales Pipeline

Managing your sales pipeline plays a major part in maximizing your sales revenue. The more control and visibility you have on your sales pipeline the more you will close the deal. However, managing a sales pipeline can be time-consuming or a tedious job. Below are some of the best ways to manage your sales pipeline.

The first step starts with filling it with quality leads, make sure to concentrate on the right deals. Keep your focus on quality rather than quantity to move your opportunity at a faster pace.

Fill your pipeline with all the prospect information for the deal you are chasing to close. For example, you need to have an in-depth understanding of your prospective business challenges or goals and all this information should be filled in your pipeline.

Use your time efficiently, most of the sales reports & administrative work can be a lot of time-consuming. You can eliminate such a time-consuming task with a sales CRM such as SalesForce.

Focus on an opportunity that is most likely to close soon. Opportunities that languish in your sales pipeline a long time are less likely to come back to life and give you a payoff.

Always review your Sales Pipeline as it is the best way to keep the deals in motion and focus on opportunities that have a high possibility of closing.

Sales technology is advancing fast to keep up with the volume and velocity of the data your leads generate. A good Customer Relationship Management suite will put you well ahead of the game in maintaining the rhythm of your follow up, lead scoring, and much more.

How to prospect effectively in B2B Sales

The most crucial part in any sales environment is leads, whether you work for service/product based organization or working for your own business you will find a salesperson always lookout for new leads. Since I have been in B2B sales from the last seven years, I would describe some of the techniques on

The first thing to start with is to understand you prospect data whether you have the right audience, contacts information to target. Make sure to spent enough amount of time to gather all the information about the accounts you are targeting, whether they are the right choice for the service/product you are offering or the business that you want to pitch.

You have to be consistent, that means start setting aside your time and energy to prospect each and everyday. Write a weekly plan making time to prospect everyday. It’s best to get this done the first 3–4 hours when you start you day.

If anyone tells you cold calling doesn’t work these days, asked them to build a effective sales pipeline in a time frame of 90 days and I am sure they will fail on that. No matter if we have AI or Bots will optimize our work processes, one thing that will never change is “People buy from People”

Used every method to reach out to your prospect, whether its email marketing, inbound marketing, networking, trade shows and conferences, direct mail, social networking, or referrals. You should include all of these tools in your arsenal.

Nurture your relationship over time, some of the best deals to close will take long time and you have to be consistent in nurturing these relationships and it will open new opportunity for you over time.