Empowering Small Businesses in Digital Transformation

When I interacted with a lot of small businesses, the one common thing which I will come across is they will not have their domain name registered or will not have an email address of their business domain. The traditional way of doing business heavily relied on word of mouth, flyers, banner advertisement, the news adds, etc.

Things have changed and will keep changing for a better future and as a small business, who have the vision to grow and succeed needs to keep adapting, learning, and implementing new terminology. If you possess all those qualities while starting up with your new business or ideas, below are some of the key points to consider

Registering your Domain Name for the website:

The first easy step is to register your domain for the website. That’s how people find the name of the company on the web and its a central part of brand identity. There are tons of service provider available on the web where you can register your domain name, the most popular one is GoDaddy.com

Most of the small businesses missed out to register a domain name for the web and that’s the first step to have all the branding power.

Domain Email Address:

As a small business, if you want to establish a firm foundation of credibility and to be viewed by a customer as potential & real business, you need to include your business email address as business’ domain name (i.e., @yourcompany.com).

Having a domain email address project professionalism and represent your company as a legitimate and well-run business.

For starters, G Suite is one of the cost-effective services provided by Google to have an email add as a business domain name. It also includes online storage and more. The first 14 days are free. You can use the below codes to get 20% off on the first year of G Suite.



Establishing Professionalism:

xyz@gmail.com or xyz@yourcompanyname.com I will leave it up to you to decide which email address establish professionalism.

Having a business domain email address gives your customer the impression that your business is professional and has setup dedicated communication channel to serve them.

Domain Email Address Vs. Generic Email Address:

As discussed, a domain email address improves the credibility of your business. In contrast, a business email address ending in yahoo.com or gmail.com, for example, will give prospective customers doubts about how you run your company. A business domain email address lets people know you have an established operation that you take seriously, and it can be a valuable tool in generating brand awareness.

Take Control, Be Accountable, Responsible and you will find Success

Like many of us when I started my job, I followed what was being told by my boss or anyone with a higher authority title and function on how they wanted any task to be accomplished. We are used to performing within the restricted area and didn’t bother much about the outcome.

I have realized that since the day we started looking out for a job right after our 13 or 14 years of education we have become addicted to Job Titles. We have become very fascinated by those labels that describe who we are and feel pride when introducing ourselves to others as “Senior Manager in Learning and Development.” “Sales Director.” “Associate VP in Research and Development.”

After a few years in corporate, I have realized that what helps you stand out from the competition is the value that you deliver and not the position that you hold. The value derives from the skills you are great at.

The moment you stop being afraid of loss is when you start delivering more than what is expected from you. The day you start taking ownership you will realize that you are working for yourself and not for anyone else.

I believe everyone has superpowers (skills they are great at) but nobody uses them to the max. We intend to find an excuse by interpreting that my boss has not instructed to use the skills that we have, or my Job position doesn’t allow me to use that.

Once you start taking control you will realize that to increase your success and happiness at work, focused on your skills instead. That’s the best way to get yourself noted.

When you stop complaining about missing authority, you will be more focused on achieving rather than waiting for someone telling you what to do and what not. Be responsible & accountable and success will follow your way.